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С Днем Рождения, Бильбо и Фродо!

Mrs Underhill
И чтоб вам там, за Морем, было хорошо.


Read a book long ago
At the time did not know
What was stirring
In my soul; for I was struck to the core
And my heart was in awe
And in yearning –
And the Flame still burns
Yes, it flames in my soul
Like the Ringbearer’s goal
Oh the Flame still burns
Like that great wheel of fire
Or the hearths of the Shire
Long ago.
And the Flame still burns
For му love for that boy
Naught on earth can destroy
Yes, the Flame still burns
He’s a glass filled with light
For those who have sight
Yes the Flame still burns
For that pitying heart
And the soul torn apart
Oh the Flame still burns
For Primula’s son, who carried the One
To its doom -
To its doom ...


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2015-09-23 в 16:35 

с праздником!

2015-09-23 в 17:49 

Mrs Underhill
addy, спасибо! :kiss: :friend: :)


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